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USA Email Database

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Are you interested in doing business with USA customers? PHP scripts mall will provide you with the USA Email databases, you can send emails to the customers and have an enhanced foreign business deals. Email marketing is the most effective way to contact new customers to make your marketing business successful and you can expand your business in foreign level. We provide you the original databases which is collected from diverse classifieds sites, job portals, included our powerful devoted crew had collected from many official websites and social media.

For every 6 months we update the databases and there are around 30 different categories of databases. We provide with 80-85% of accuracy in database. We offer this USA email database just for 99 USD only. Our foremost aim is to provide high quality, most accurate and reliable database to make our clients comfortable. We also provide at free brand ad free installations.

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Product Description

This Package Holds Following Lists

Accountants & CPAs in the USA (195,085)
Accountants in the USA (21,524)
Acupuncturists (23,988 Records 1,826 Emails)
Alternative Medicine (1,141,602 Records with 36,320 Emails)
American Business Database
Architect List
Boat Dealer
Business Owners (5327)
Canadian Consumer Email Database
Canadian Residential Database
Consumer Credit Inquiries Database (1 Million)
Debt Settlement Leads (3 Million)
Edupal Website Details
Financial Planners Database (148,857 Records with emails)
Forex Traders Email List (1.5 Million)
Healthcare Recruiters (11,370)
Homeowner Leads (250,000)
Hospitals (56K)
Hotels (34815 Records 1,642 Emails)
Insurance Agents (113,926 Records 17236 Emails)
Loan Officer Database
Manufactures Database (1,057,119 Records with 476,509 Emails)
Massage Therapists (76,701 Records with 8,305 Emails)
Media Outlets (200k Records with email)
Medical Equipment Suppliers (167,425 Records)
Mental Health Counselors (283,184 Records with 7,206 Emails)
National Health Service Corp Clinics (1,300 Records)
Nursing Home (31589 Senior Administrators 11288 Nursing Directories)
NZ Business Database
NZ Residential Database
Oncology Doctors (2,200 Records)
Optometrists (63,837 Records 2,015 Emails)
Payday Loan Leads Database (3 Million)
Pharmaceutical Companies (47,000 Emails)
Physical Therapists (125,460 Records with 5,483 Emails)
Physicians (788K Records with 17K Emails)
Plastic Surgeons (23,109 Emails)
Police and Sheriff Services (42,987 Records and 114 Emails)
Professional USA Database
US Business Opportunity Seekers Database (10,000+)
US Business Opportunity Seekers Database (100,000+)
US Hospital Administrators Database (23,000+)
US Hospital Administrators Database (23,000+)
US New Business Database (4.8 Million Records)
USA Consumer Database (17 Million Records)
USA Lawyers Database (269,787 Records with 235,244 Emails)
USA Real Estate (1.4 Million)
VARs and IT Consultants Database (12,000)
Veterinarians (78,986 Records with 1,438 Emails)
Visiting Nurses & RN’s (91,386 Records with 2,788 Emails)
Wall Street Investor Database


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