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If you want to have an efficient Email campaign we provide you with the best Mass Mail Script enriched with all new attributes, ease in using and adaptable. Mass Mailing Software is developed by the open source language like PHP, MySQL and Ajax so that you can assemble and install this script in few minutes. With PHP Mass Mail Script you can simply manage you’re mailing listings and layout the fastest Email campaigns across the globe.


User must be generated with a unique username and they can login through their respective id.
They can view the price plans in two methods.
Free plans
Unlimited plans
These plans can be purchased and renewed by them.
They can view the each and every history of orders and it can be saved for further clarification.
Lists: The user can view the name of companies added in the lists and they can add a new company in the list by providing the basic details.
They can also view all the tools used in the website.
Campaign: The user is able to outlook all the campaigns and manage to copy, edit and update the campaign. They are also allowed to create a new campaign, setup with all details.
The user can create a campaign group and view all the details.
The user can view all templates and can upload the edited the template. Also they can create a new template and mange to upload it.
The user can also view and add the API keys which is unique for each campaign.

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Product Description


Articles: The admin can view and manage to edit, delete all the articles separately. They also create new articles with a new title, content, category and status.
Categories: The admin can view and manage to edit, delete all the categories separately. They can also create new categories with a new name, description, parent and status.
They can view all the users, edit their details and create new user.
Monetization: The admin can monetize payment gateways, price plans, orders, promotion codes, currencies and taxes and manage all these categories separately.
The admin can view and manage all the payment gateways.
The admin can view the details of customers’ status and new customers. The customer groups and their mails can be viewed and managed.
The admin can view and edit all email templates gallery and upload new templates. And view the all the emails sent and received.
They can control and upload new core extensions, themes, languages.
They can see the details of IP address, countries and zones.
They can manage the miscellaneous activities like logs of campaign delivery and campaign bounce, transactional emails and emergency actions.
We have a quiet good experience of 14 years in ecommerce field and we provide 10 years free technical support + 5 years free updates after you purchase the script from us. We impart you with best SEO techniques and fully optimized coding management.

Server requirements

Linux operating system (windows might work but not supported)
Apache Webserver – version 2.x
PHP >= 5.2 (php >= 5.4 recommeded for high delivery speed)
MySQL >= 5.1 with InnoDB storage engine
Cron Jobs access (linux cron jobs not web crons)


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